Saturday, June 27, 2015

Smile Brilliant! Teeth Whitening

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening
White teeth are essential. See my results with the Smile Brilliant! teeth whitening system. 

Not only are white teeth essential, but HEALTHY teeth are just as important. But, as we all know, that red carpet smile takes more than just brushing 3 times a day. Some spend thousands of dollars for a perfect set of pearly whites.

Now, if you’re like me, a college student, and would prefer to spend your money elsewhere, Smile Brilliant! is your savior.

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Smile Brilliant! is a national dental lab designed to help with professional whitening at home. Their lab was specifically designed to curb the high cost of teeth whitening that is charged at dental offices around the world. They provide the same high-quality results for way less than the $500+ the dentist would charge you.

I’ve done a few different type of whitening products, but not as extensive as Smile Brilliant! I was excited to try it. Oh, and my mom got a package, too!:)

When my package arrived, it had a set of all the whitening gels, but it also had blue and white material so I could create my own dental impression at home. After my mom and I created our impressions, I then sent them back to the lab and waited about a week until we got our trays. 

The tray fits perfectly to my teeth and is very comfortable to wear during the whitening process, unlike other brands where it was a pain to wear because they were either too big or didn’t fit right.

I tried Smile Brilliant! For 7 consecutive days to see the results. I also started drinking coffee and tea with a straw to prevent any staining. Here are the before pictures!

Every night, I would set up my clear trays and squeeze a thin line of Teeth Whitening Gel into the trays. Not too much so it wouldn’t touch my gums. After about an hour each night, I would take them out and brush my teeth and clean the tray to get rid of the remaining gel.

Now, my favorite part is the Desensitizing Gel. This step follows the Teeth Whitening Gel. It tastes minty and fresh and follows the same application as the whitening gel, except you can keep it on for about 10 minutes. 
It’s used to help prevent tooth sensitivity and rehydrate the teeth. Sensitivity is a result of tooth dehydration. When the teeth whitening gel comes in contact with a tooth it causes the pores in the enamel to open so that the gel can flow in and remove the deeply embedded stains. As a result of these opened pores, the tooth may become dehydrated (which can cause sensitivity). The sensitivity will persist until the tooth re-hydrates.
Tip: Don’t brush after desensitizing gel, the remaining gel on your teeth helps continue repair and rehydrate!

My Smile Brilliant! results? I saw whiter teeth on the first try! Even my mom agrees. I saw not only whiter upper teeth, but the bottom teeth also became much more fresh and clean.

I varied my time of whitening from 30-60 minutes depending on the day, but I am satisfied with how white my teeth have become. I’m definitely ordering more gel after I run out! It’s a great refresher for my teeth.

Post was sponsored by SmileBrilliant! but as always, opinions are my own.