Monday, June 8, 2015

Review: 7 Salon Lustre Shampoo

I've tried over a dozen shampoos but none seem to work for my hair! Did I meet the one?

My hair is prone to being oily, especially in the summer time. I can wash my hair and the next day it'll be flat and oily. I hate washing my hair every other day because it's terrible for your hair. Shampoo dries out your hair and takes out all the "good" natural oils that promote healthy hair. 

I've gone through about 3 different shampoos in the past few months, so I brought this issue up to Glen, my stylist at 7 salon. He suggested that I try the Lustre Shampoo & Conditioner (leaving the Conditioner only on the tips of my hair). 

It's more gentle than the other "dense" shampoos that are full of oil and in return make my hair even more oily. 

It's been a week and I have to say that I my hair is maintaining a more lighter texture and is more shiny. I can last 3 days without washing my hair. Lustre shampoo & conditioner also smells amazing! Every time I wash my hair it's like I left the salon. 

Totally suggest trying it out! xx