Monday, May 4, 2015

The Interview: Creative Director of Lafayette 148

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the nicest and and most inspiring people, Edward Wilkerson, Creative Director of Lafayette 148, of the multimillion-dollar brand. What is his advice is for people wanting to get into fashion?

When I arrived at the VIP Lafayette 148 event at Nordstrom, I wasn't expecting to get the chance to sit down with Edward Wilkerson one-on-one. Running a fashion empire is not an easy task, so I was pleasantly surprised when he took 30 minutes out of his time to talk to me and to tell me about his story. 

More than just a designer, Edward, has many passions in life. Traveling, drawing, painting, interior designing (I even saw his East Hampton home), and of course, designing impeccable clothing. 

Originally wanting to be an architect, he took his chances on the fashion industry when he attended the High school of Art and Design (Marc Jacobs was a few years ahead of him at the time). Finishing his degree at Parsons, he took his portfolio and went door to door on the streets of manhattan. He landed a job with Anne Klein & Co. A dream. 

His journey took him from Anne Klein to Donna Karen, where he saw the fashion industry like only a few do. 

Now, at Lafayette 148, and creating his own fashion legacy, I got the chance to see who and what Edward Wilkerson was all about. 

What would your advice be to a young person aspiring in the fashion industry? 
"Fashion is still about merit. It's all your talent. When I When I wanted a summer job on Seventh Avenue, I went to every building. I stopped on every floor and asked for an interview with anyone who would look at my book. I took initiative. Young people need to make a decision about what they want and pursue it." 

What's one thing no one knows about you? 
"I really enjoy painting. I like acrylic and water color."

* The conversation got a bit off track when I mentioned that I, too, loved painting and enjoy oil painting. He said he doesn't have the patience for it to dry lol!
"I get inspired by when I travel. I paint what inspires me. One of our prints was actually something I painted earlier this year." 

What woman do you design for?
"I know the women I design for. I design around their wants and needs. I envision what will flatter and fit them. I meet women around events like these and I listen to what they need. What works better for there lifestyles. What they do for a living."

Do you plan on showing at Fashion Week in the near future? 
"No, Donna Karan and Anne Klein had already showed me that world. My job is more exciting than the whole press machine, that's a different job. I enjoy meeting with editors and other fashion people. I have no desire to push press and interact constantly with press people."  

What are a women's closet essentials?
"A white shirt and a black pant." 

What would you attire your success to?
"Hard work. Why do you work so hard? This is what i've gotten out of it. I think there is something valuable about hard work. Most people have no idea what it takes. It takes everything you have and no one is going to give it to you. You really can have whatever you want, you just need to know WHAT it is that you want. Take one direction and go for it." 

Lafayette 148 also dressed me for the event! I'm wearing the New York Pleat White Ankle Pants + "Rosie" Sleeveless Blouse


The next day I also got to attend the Lafayette 148 exclusive runway show at Nordstrom in Bellevue. I love these looks!