Saturday, May 2, 2015

Skinny Saturday: Meal Replacements

Meal replacements are my key to losing quick water weight and not bloating during swimsuit season (which still hasn't come) *sigh*

When I am referring to meal replacements I'm not saying skip meals, I'm saying alternate sold food meals for liquid meals. I have re-discovered strawberry banana protein shakes (again). 

I go through this period where I space out on certain foods that I love but then return to them in a few months. 

I love protein shakes because they are a quick and easy fix when I'm on the go. 

How to Drink: If I'm in a rush I mix 1 scoop with water OR add almond milk and frozen berries and it feels like a milkshake! 

Where to Buy: I get mine from my nutritionist, but I love the gluten free protein powder at Whole Foods ( can't remember the brand). 

How Often to Drink: When I'm in a rush I grab it as breakfast now that I have to leave for work every morning. I also substitute it as dinner if I come home around 9/10pm and didn't have time to eat during the evening. It fills me up but doesn't bloat me through the night.