Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Way to De-stress

Allison Kostusik: Midterms or finals are upon us.. One way to de-stress without the extra $$$.

Finals are right around the corner, which means sleepless nights studying and too much caffeine.  Your stress level is through the roof.  Keep your cool while studying with this addition to your desk: photos of your loved ones.

Just looking at the pictures can help you feel less anxious when you're under serious stress.  Studies done at the University of Exeter in England found that when subjects looked at pictures of happy people, their amygdala (the brain's fear monitor) didn't respond, which greatly reduced the brain's threat response and made them feel safe.  

Seeing people that care about you is a reminder that you're loved, which brings down your anxiety.  So bring out your funny photos of your family, friends, boyfriend, and even your pet--because they're family too, right?  It'll make it so much easier to focus on school and ace your exams.

Good luck!