Monday, May 11, 2015

It's NBD(or is it?)

If you haven't noticed by my lack of posting, my school/work/personal life might be interfering with the blogging /entrepreneur portion of my life. I HAVE NO TIME!

I'm really really really trying to figure out how I can manage all things at once. I hate that I can't do all things at the same time, but even more than that, I can't be great at all of them at once.. I like to say that I can do everything but I think that I have finally realized that I need to choose what path I need to go in. Sadly, I have no idea what path to take. 

I love fashion, but I love finance because of it's stable long-term financial security and endless possibilities. Fashion just has so many uncertainties and competition that is (sorry to say)a little without merit. I don't know. I hope time will tell. 

I've been a little down trying to juggle everything, to point where I'm not inspired to post everyday. :( 

Needless to say, I'm mentally and physically exhausted but I'm going to try to pull through until June 12th, when my quarter is over!! 

Here are a few photos from dinner the other night at Six Seven restaurant on the Seattle Waterfront. It's one of my favorite places here in Seattle. It's perfect for happy hour or for a fancy dinner. 

Wearing: NBD Dress + Shoe Dazzle platforms + Chanel Bag