Thursday, May 21, 2015

College Essential: VIIcode Eye Mask

Sleep is beautiful thing but something I don’t get much of. I’m a senior at my university, intern at a finance firm, and run this blog - all while trying to maintain a social life!

With all this craziness I barely get 6 hours of sleep on an average night. I didn’t care as much before but now I see little lines creeping up under my eyes… Needless to say I’m freaking out.  I’M TOO YOUNG FOR WRINKLES.

I decided to search for the perfect eye mask when I stumbled upon the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask.  I’ve used it twice in one week and both times I woke up feeling refreshed and less puffy to the point where I didn’t even need much concealer under my eyes. I really like it!

After washing my face at night, I tore up the light membrance and applied the mask around my eye area, gently pressing it to assist the skin to absorb the nutrients in the mask. I went to bed with it on - leaving it for about 6 hours. You shouldn’t leave the mask on for more than 8 hours!

The VIIcode pack comes with 6 eye masks in total. They should last you about 3 weeks, depending on how often you want to use them. But with anything like this consistency is key. Good luck!