Saturday, May 30, 2015

7 Salon Hair Makeover!

I've been craving something different lately. I was tired of the balayage look because my roots were too dark for this time of year, which is why I went lighter at 7 Salon.

My favorite part about first entering in 7 Salon is the ambiance it gives off, it's cool and swanky. Someone immediately helps me with my coat, offers me a coffee, and walks me over to Glen's station. 
7 Salon has a contrast of dark wood and natural light, since their floor is all open with windows surrounding the left side. Soft lighting, trendy music, and stylish staff all surround you. My favorite part is the little chocolate they give you with your custom coffee drink  -they have their own coffee bar!

Going in to see Glen for the 3rd time, I was really excited to see what he thought would be a good fit for me. Besides being a talented stylist, he's one of the sweetest and understanding people I've met. 

I let him work his magic without arguing about color, length, etc because he never disappoints. The color turned out beautiful and I love the fresh, vibrant feel it gives off. I needed this. 

My goal was bright and fresh. The color is a golden blonde because I wanted to stay away from the "white hair" trend.. I'll have white hair when I'm older. 

As always, the experience was complete bliss. I'm always looking forward to the next time I can return to 7 Salon, they just take care of me so well. 

If you're from Seattle or are just visiting, I definitely suggest visiting 7 Salon in Bellevue or Seattle (I go to the Seattle location). 

Don't be afraid to switch hair stylists, it might be the best decision of your hair life :)