Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Cat You Want to Be

Allison KostusikKarl Lagerfeld, the iconic creative director at Chanel, has some competition for the spotlight.  If you haven't heard of his pampered feline named Choupette, you're about to.

Choupette is one of the most famous cats in the world and lives a lavish lifestyle fit for a queen.  

She has two personal maids for day and night, travels in private jets and chauffeur-driven cars, has her own iPad, dines with Karl on his table and eats with silver table settings, and has a diary written by Karl's staff extensively detailing her behavior and diet.  

The adorable white ball of fur has done more than most humans dream to accomplish in a lifetime.  Choupette has done ad campaigns, was featured in fashion magazines with models, and made the cover of Lucky Magazine.  She has a Chanel bag named after her, has her own makeup line called "Karl Lagerfeld's Shupette for Shu Uemura" and has an entire couture collection inspired by her blue eyes. 

 "Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat" is a book where the cat "dispenses essential advice on lifestyle, diet, fashion, beauty, and international travel for the uber-fashionable."  On Pretty Connected online, there is a section dedicated and written by the feline called "Choupette's Diary."     

That's a pretty impressive resume for a kitty that's only three years old.  With 47.9K followers on Twitter and 60.6K followers on Instagram, the spoiled and sassy Lagerfeld cat is an inspiration for elegance and attitude.  Go follow her if you haven't already.     

It's no surprise that today Choupette has earned an estimated 4 MILLION DOLLARS in modeling.  Meow.