Saturday, April 18, 2015

NYC Packing w/ my stylist!

My first time working with a stylist - she helped me pack for the Age of Adaline NYC premier this weekend! Who is it?

My favorite part about traveling is becoming a different person on vacation, all while still maintaining my own style elements. It's the only chance you get to be someone different than you are at home! 

Part of being young and not knowing much about yourself is discovering your own sense of style. 

I've grown up in the past few years and I've been experiment with a few different styles (mostly minimalism) but I really want to branch out and try something different. After all, I am young, skinny, and tall, I can wear whatever I want. But seriously, why would I not take advantage of this opportunity?

I met Irina Orlovskaia, she was actually a long time family friend and has always been very stylish every time I've ran into her. 

You can find her at

A few weeks back we met for a consultation and I really loved all the style ideas she had for me, especially for my age and my lifestyle. SHE JUST GETS IT!

SO, our first experiment working together was going through my closet and packing for NYC. It only took 4 hours and all of my closet being on the floor, but it was successful. NYC is special in such a way that you can wear something totally different and weird but still pull it off because no one in NYC gives a s%*&.  

What I'm packing: scroll to see!

Irina's approach to packing for NYC and the premier:

1. Bring all the best my closet has to offer. I shouldn't bring casual and simple pieces because this trip is not simple. I NEED to put my best foot forward. 

2. Bring versatile pieces that could be mixed and matched but totally transformed every time I wear it. 

3. Statement pieces make the outfit. One (or more) statement pieces should be present to make the outfit stand out and different you from the rest of the crowd. Volume, patterns, and trendy pieces all work!

SO excited for you guys to see my new journey and what I packed for the trip because some of it has got to be a mystery, along with who's dressing me for the premier ;)