Friday, April 17, 2015

DSW: Love Your Shoes

Shoes say a lot about you. Say something great.

Denim is my favorite spring trend. I’ve already stocked up on multiple jackets and skirts, but I’ve been on a mission to get stocked up on spring shoes!

Everyone knows festivals are around the corner, and so are achy feet and uncomfortable shoes. When I go to festivals, my main goal is to wear comfortable shoes. Why? Because nothing’s worse than missing your favorite song because you’re off looking for a band-aid somewhere. We’ve all been there.

Which This is why I grabbed these Kenneth Cole Sandals from DSW, they’re both comfy and trendy. They compliment my denim Marc Jacobs dress but can easily go with any sporty-chic style.

You guys all know I’m a HUGE shoe lover so I’m always out for a good deal. At DSW they believe in the power of good shoes and the power of the shoe lovers.

Even though this post was sponsored by POPSUGAR and DSW, all opinions are my own.