Friday, April 10, 2015

Dress like a Celeb at Coachella

As we know, Coachella starts this weekend! Unfortunately, my close friend is getting married on Saturday so I shall have to wait until next year. Nonetheless, you can arrive in style with these fashion tips for the music festival of the year.

5 classic festival styles include the patriotic, crochet, hippy look, flower crown, and fringe. 

Show your patriotic pride with the Americana.  This doesn't mean wearing a bandana and an American flag shirt.  A band tee, some fringe, a plaid long sleeve shirt tied around your waist, and cute jean shorts looks casual, but put together.  Complete the look and keep the sun out of your eyes with the latest hat seen on Kendall Jenner (when she was photographed by Felix Wong) and keep your floppy hat from previous festivals at home.  

Kate Bosworth rocked the American flag flawlessly. 

The crochet look is another popular style.  Head to toe crochet will make you look like a doily, so don't over do it.  Pair a crochet top or dress with edgy pieces, a patterned bag, and sandals.  Remember: your accessories shouldn't match perfectly--avoid all brown.
I LOVE Vanessa Hudgens mini crochet crop top. I need it in my life!!! 

Channel your inner hippy with slightly flared bell bottom jeans, printed top, and vest.  The flower power 70's vibe is in, but you don't want to look like you're about to make homemade granola, so stay away from conflicting patterns and turquoise jewelry.  If you're going to wear a flower crown, do it tastefully with natural-looking flowers in light pale colors. 

The flower crown is a piece you just CANNOT forget. Personally, I love rocking the flower crown whenever I'm wearing anything boho-chic but this is the one time it is actually acceptable. CHANNEL YOUR INNER LANA! 
Bella Thorn is so cute in her flower crown!! 

Fringe. Fringe is my one final tip, not only because it is literally everywhere, but because it's so fun to wear!! Dancing to music, shaking your hips just to see the fringe dance. Nowadays, you can get anything with fringe on it. Jackets, shoes, skirts, shorts, whatever you want. I'd stick to a fringe jacket or skirt. 


Co-written with Allison Kostusik and myself:)