Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Denim on Denim Trend

Denim on denim is my new favorite.

I love the cool vibe that all denim gives off. It gives me that faint memory of my childhood where I remember my aunt and her friends always rockin' jean jackets and high waists. 

I paired the Topshop skirt and jacket with sneakers to give it that little extra pop because flats are seriously so overdone. I used to overlook shoes in outfits, but now I realize that they elevate and complete the outfit. It's been my goal to diversify my shoe collection and challenge myself to wear different pairs of shoes (I have so many) and not just stick to one comfortable pair all season. 

I also got this Ora Delphine bag as a present and I adore it! I've wanted a bucket bag for so long. 

Alice+Olivia crop top (similar $10)