Friday, April 24, 2015

Age of Adaline Premier in Versace!

The movie is out in Theaters today!! :) Recap from last weekend AND the gorgeous Versace look :)

You know when you're younger and think you want to be president or an astronaut but know that that dream is far away? That's how this weekend was for me. 

Thanks to Lionsgate, I was flown up to best city on Earth, NYC, to attend the movie premier of Age of Adaline. What if Blake Lively was there?!

And the most amazing outfit, I was dressed by Versace (and probably worth my car)! Isn't that amazing?!? I can't even comprehend how great this opportunity was!! 

It was a weekend I will never forget. There are certain moments in our lives that define what we want to do or want to be and I realized that I love the fashion/entertainment industry. I really do. 

My manager and I showed up to the screening and got to see the VIP red carpet before entering into the movie. Upon arrival I even saw Lily Bass!! AND at the after party at the Metropolitan House (gorgeous venue) I took a selfie with Blake:)

I loved the movie. Watching it with everyone who worked in the movie was the most incredible feeling! 

Let me know what you guys think of the movie!:) 

Wearing: Versace Crystal Swarovski bag + outfit, Tacori Jewelry, Topshop Shoes. 

Photos by @ownthelight //vitaliy