Sunday, March 15, 2015

Skinny Sunday: summer body?

It's Skinny Sunday, and bikini season is right around the corner.  These tips will help you get the summer bod of your dreams.

Putting your phone or alarm clock across the room near your tennis shoes will get you out of bed and moving.  It's important to create a workout playlist to set the tone and start your day off right.  Sweating before you shower and get ready for the day creates a solid routine.  You'll have the rest of the day to do whatever you please.    

Number 1. Tired of doing the same old workout routine?  Or, has your body plateaued and you've stopped seeing results?  Pinterest has plenty of options to mix it up. 

Number 2. It's all about eating small portions.  Avoid eating large meals, or eating until you're full.  Eating lighter meals with healthy snacks is key.  

Number 3. Don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods.  It can lead to binge eating and regret.  Don't eat the entire box of Girl Scout cookies--eat one, or maybe two.     

Number 4. If you know you'll be out and away from your kitchen, packing healthy snacks while you're on the go makes it easy to stay on track.  Vending machines sadly don't sell what your body needs: fruits and veggies. 

Number 5. Drink lots of water!  This is an obvious one.  I love Diet Coke, but cutting out carbonated beverages can do more than you think.  Your skin and waistline will thank you.

Written by Allison Kostusik