Sunday, March 29, 2015

My New Internship!


I'm starting my internship at a financial firm in downtown Seattle. Now I don't want to disclose where because it's kind of creepy to let the internet know, but I'm so excited to learn about the industry and see where it will take me!

I do love fashion, but I have always strived to be more than just a "blogger" my whole life. 

I don't know what I want to do exactly but I believe that people are meant to be more than just one thing in life. We are not meant to do just ONE career or take one path, we can be anything we want. 

Wether it's in fashion, finance, law, whatever it is, I want to learn and explore the possibilities. However, this firm has given me a long-term plan so we will see how this plays out.

We've come full circle. 

I graduated high school and I started out working at a mortgage bank while attending my university and posting anonymous pictures on my Twitter. Now, I'm 2 quarters away from graduating early and starting another finance job. 

So, yes, cute office outfits will be back on SGB!:)