Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Advice: Long-Distance Relationships

How to deal with long-distance relationships brought to you by my Editorial Intern!:)

Allison is engaged to her high school sweetheart, but they are long-distance! I asked her to disperse some of her advice in the love department, since she has been successful with him putting a ring on it;) You're welcome. 

* * *

I'm sort of in a long-distance relationship with my fiancĂ© until he graduates college.  We've been together for almost 7 years, and he lives over an hour away.  We only get to see each other some weekends because of our different schedules.  And, most summers he's spent in another state visiting family.  Yes, MONTHS of not seeing each other.  It's hard.    

How do we make it work?  Simple.  Even if you're not in a long distance relationship, use these tips to let your significant other know you're thinking about them.

Call, don't textIt's so much better to hear their voice than reading words on a screen.  You don't have to spend hours on the phone--just talking for a couple minutes makes the distance easier.  FaceTime or Skype if you can, too.

Send letters.  The art of letter writing isn't extinct!  Actual notes are so much more personal and romantic than a text.  They're fun to write and receive.  You don't have to actually mail the note--leave it somewhere your boyfriend can find it, like in a drawer or in a notebook.       

Make plans for when you see each other next.  It gives you both something to look forward to.  Or, you be the one to plan a special night and surprise your boyfriend without them knowing, like making dinner reservations to their favorite restaurant.     

Written by Allison Kostusik