Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's Day Food Cheat Sheet

Valentine's Day is less than a week away and even though it may be the best of times or the worst of times, you can't let your figure pay for your emotions (or lack thereof). 

Number 1.  First things first, I'm telling you not to starve all day and then wait to indulge later that night. It's a recipe for disaster + MAJ bloating. 

Number 2. Pasta and carbs are major during Valentine's Day. Try getting GF brown rice whether you're out or co0king, and pairing with a salad. Or just grab a yummy salad or soup! 

Number 3.  Alcohol could be your best friend or your enemy on this special day. Don't get too sloppy drunk (if you're single, disregard) if you want to enjoy a good evening with your significant other. Alcohol calories are the worst. 

Stick to champagne, red wine, or a glass of Port, it's a good option replacing dessert. Pair it with a piece of really good dark chocolate. 

Number 4. DESSERT: Yes, it's the eve of all waistlines going to hell, but there is some part of that that you can control. 

I don't care if you're celebrating single awareness day or stuffing your face with chocolates your boyfriend gave you, DO NOT buy/eat the cheap shit from the department stores. 

Instead, grab the dark chocolate truffles or dark chocolate to munch on. Like, Frans Chocolates in Seattle :)

As always, if you are really craving a great creme brûlée or french pastry during dinner, SHARE! Splitting with your boyfriend (or letting him eat 3/4) is totally okay. I always end up doing that >:) 

Number 5.  If you plan on staying in, grab dark chocolate covered strawberries or make gf or vegan brownies in heart shapes <3<3<3<3<3

Number 6. Like anything, everything is good in moderation. 

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