Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pro & Con: Chanel Boy Bag

Oh, who are we kidding?! There is no con! ...………. Or is there?

I've spent the last 7 months searching for a black, medium Chanel Boy Bag with silver hardware. I searched all over Seattle, NYC, LA, etc and had no luck. ALL SOLD OUT. Luckily, while in Vegas, I did find ONE large, black medium Boy Bag. There was none at the boutique, but apparently someone returned this bag that morning! IT WAS MEANT TO BE! 

So, real pro & cons?

Pro: You have a boy with you at all times
Con: You have to take care of it more than any other boy you've had

Pro: you get to wear a Chanel on your shoulder and show off to all your girlfriends 
Con: Worrying about one of your friends blackmailing you for your Boy Bag. They do know "everything"!

Pro: It's your most prized possession
Con: You're afraid to set it down on any surface that you don't know/haven't cleaned yourself

Pro: Mean mugs from random girls 
Con: Real mugs from random girls

Pro: Obsessing over your new boy Chanel
Con: Obsessing over getting another new Chanel. It's a never ending cycle

Pro: It's totally chic when worn as a cross body (because it's totally in)
Con: It's so big that it covers half of your outfit 

It's now my favorite bag of all time. So chic. So comfortable. So timeless.