Thursday, February 5, 2015

Let's Talk About Bachelor Degrees

Sure, the frat parties, the excessive drinking and the major college style has got you pumped about college, but it's time to get down to business. 

As I'm referring to college, I also mean universities, as I attend one myself. I'm a senior graduating a year early with a degree in Law, Economics, and Public Policy. I know, no one believes me. 

The reasons I decided to go to a university are because 1. I had nothing else to do 2. my parents forced me and 3. because the pay after college is much higher than after high school, obvi.

It's no secret that getting a job post-college is pretty much guaranteed, right?

RIGHT? I mean why else spend thousands of dollars each year, torture yourself through hours of homework and tedious classes. It's all because of $$$. Let's not forget the freshmen 15, gross. 

But, of course, like what everyone in our generation is probably thinking, BACHELOR DEGREES ARE A SICK JOKE. Try getting a well-payed job post-college without attending a Grad school. It's depressing. 

I know that in my own classrooms, my teachers are cynical about us finding a job and all the faculty pretty much shove grad school down our throat - because the economy sucks, rent is high, and all jobs are over saturated. 

Honestly, I hate this. I hate that teachers and adults constaly try to tell you that you'll never have it as good as they did and that more $ and more school is the only answer. It's wrong

We should be excited for these opportunities to be able to educate ourselves but know that we are prepared for the "real world" (and I mean real world as in paying bills, living on your own, paying for your own Chanel's, etc) after college. 

I think that in this era where the BA is really sort of a myth, it's time to embrace our inner entrepreneur and DO SOMETHING. Get out of the box. Don't be someone's slave from 8-5. Follow your passion and take risk. 

We will all end up where we are supposed to be but I highly doubt that our BA is going to play a major role it.