Saturday, February 21, 2015

How to "Do" Happy Hour

Because the freshmen 15 also applies when you turn 21. #skinnysaturday

Sure, happy hour is pretty much the best thing about being 21, (besides finally being able to sit in a designated area in a restaurant), but the weight gain after 21 is a real, crappy thing. 

People don't realize that alcohol is the leading cause of weight gain. When you drink, your body automatically tries to burn off the alcohol and doesn't have time to process the food that you ate that day. SO basically that means a lot of the food calories that should have been burnt off just turn to fat. EW.

My diet is very restricted on the amount of alcohol I drink. My nutritionist forbid drinking alcohol when I was on my diet, so I've kind of stuck to that. Personally, I don't find getting drunk every night attractive so I keep my drinking to a limit. 

Happy Hour can be done right if you balance the alcohol with the right food in a timely manner. 

1. Play this or that. Don't go for the fried carbs but rather grab a salad or some greens with a glass of your favorite alcohol.

2. Skip the sugary drinks. The Long Island Iced Tea, Sex on the Beach, etc, they are TERRIBLE for you. Sooo much sugar. 

3. Opt for the healthy protein (chicken, wings, seafood) and greens rather than the cheap sliders or fries. Pair it with a nice glass of wine and it "balances" your meal! 

4. Go To Drinks A french 45, a "not too dirty martini", Prosseco & Chardonnay are my go to drinks. 

5. What has the least amount of calories? If you are planning on being a little less lady like at Happy Hour, just do vodka sodas or vodka cranberry drinks all night. The least amount of calories with the greatest impact. :)

6. Moderation. Don't complain about how you can't lose weight/are gaining weight if all you do is drink every night and go out for pizza. Let's be honest.