Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of Valentine's - my favorite food places in NYC:)

I'm not a HUGE foodie, but these are the best places I've found through the years. 

The Empire Roof top. Not even a question. Chic and perfect for drinks. 

Sushi Gari. Not a huge atmosphere but the best sushi.

Casa Mono. My favorite! Small tapas joint. The kitchen is near so you can sit at the bar and look into the kitchen! Hang out for hours drinking wine.

Yakitori Totto. Love this spot. 

Minetta Tavern. BEST BURGERS. 

Shake Shack. Again, love burgers. 

Perfect hidden cocktail place: The Raines Law Room + La Esquina

STK @ Meat Packing

The bar/lounge at The Pierre (make sure to check out the ballroom) 

And of course, for dessert, LadurĂ©e