Wednesday, February 11, 2015

7 Salon Hair-sentials

Hair appointments are relaxing. Hair appointments at 7 salon are total zen.

My second visit to 7 Salon was last week. I was so ready for a salon day. 

Since my first visit, I have absolutely loved my hair. I even changed it up and remained wearing the middle part. The roots had grown out the past few months but the grow out looked very natural.

However, I was looking forward about getting the new color treatment because my stylist, Glen, (who I adore) said the next visit I would be even more blonde. So, since blondes have more fun, I had to do it. 

I LOVE how the color turned out. He balayaged my hair, then applied a gloss that lighted up my roots, followed by a repair treatment, a fresh cut and a blow dry. I'm so prepared for New York Fashion Week tomorrow!!

I've realized my top 3 ESSENTIALS to maintaining a salon like blow out even when you do it yourself. 

1. The 7 Salon Color Shampoo & Conditioner. It holds a wash for more than 3 + days without looking oily and smells like I just came out of the salon each time. Plus, it helps your color last longer. 

2. Seal Lotion. It's pretty much like spray conditioner for your hair, without the oily part. It's good for styling, but also helps "re-style" your hair since it's water based. Instead of washing your hair - a few sprays and you can re-do it. 

3. Diamond Serum. or Diamond drops. They keep your hair sleek, shiny, and help maintaing frizz. LOVE.