Monday, January 19, 2015

PACKING: Vegas Essentials

It's Vegas time, baby! My Vegas packing essentials are…

the basics you need pretty much anywhere you go, except the dresses, of course. 

1. I grabbed a dress in every color, just to be safe. 

2. Flats are a must in vegas, all the walking is killer. Charlotte Olympia kitty slippers are life.

3. New Dolce's (are my comfy shoes) so I'm sure I'll be able to last all night! I also grabbed 3 more designer pairs. 

4. A black DVF jumper is a LIFE essential. 

5. 2 pairs of denim just in case to mix and mach with!

6. A black and white tee for day drinking, duh

7. It'll be in the 60's so I grabbed my favorite Oscar de la Renta sweater, just in case. 

8. Bond Girl for some light reading on the plane

9. All my jewelry in the Tiffany box for safe keeping

10.  New Salvatore Ferragamo bag! 

So excited! I can't wait to post my outfits and diary posts :)