Friday, January 16, 2015

Healthy Hair: rahua

Ever since the big chop, I have been on the ultimate search for the perfect shampoo for my hair. Look what I've unearthed!

My try at Rahua Hair!

Rahua is an organic shampoo and conditioner that has the special oil ingredient made from the Amazon rainforest. The shampoo is natural, organic, and light lather, that promotes light, soft, and shiny hair. I have been testing out this shampoo for the past 2 weeks and I adore it! The conditioner also acts as a styling cream post-shower! 

It smells refreshing and holds a wash for about 2-3 days without getting oily. Although, my hair gets oily fast. I love that I know that the ingredients in this shampoo aren't damaging my hair, unlike pretty much all other over the counter shampoos. 

For being 100% natural and organic, Rahua is a steal for $32! 

Also, I j'adore the Rahua Amazon body oil. It's soft and but not super oily when I apply before going out!