Thursday, January 29, 2015

BEAUTY WEEK: reduce frizziness

The secret to sleek hair lies within this read more button. Click it if you dare. (Scenario included).

Frizzy hair has never been in style. If we can learn anything from Princess Mia is that a great hair do and great eyebrows make the girl. 

Like any normal girl, I fight frizzy hair on a daily basis. What do I do?

1. I finish blow drying my hair with the "cold" option. It calms the heated hair and creates a sleek, shiny look. I do it for about 2 minutes all over my hair.

2. I use Drybar Cream Soda smoothing cream when I just finish doing my hair. It's literally my favorite thing on this earth. It smells heavenly (check out One Secret I'll Never Tell My Boyfriend) and it actually works. I was gifted this little baby a year ago and I'm still addicted. 


You are about to go on your first date with a  guy you've been eyeing for a few months now. He asked you out before but you've been playing hard to get, but tonight was your night. It's going to be magical. You might even lift your foot up when he kisses you. Your outfit and eyebrows are on fleek but OH NO! It's a frizzy hair sticking out on the side (probably a baby hair) with no hairspray or product to the rescue. If you are ever in this situation, which, dear reader, I hope you never are - grab the lotion. Any lotion. Put a little dab on your finger, rub it on your palms, and apply lightly over the top of your hair, and the needed spots. It works like magic!! You're welcome.