Monday, January 26, 2015

BEAUTY WEEK: my hair

My hair is a temple. It's what gives me that little extra something. Plus, it gets me so much free stuff.. That means having the perfect styling products is crucial.

This week is all about my hair/beauty routine that most of you have been dying to know. 

Up until last year, I didn't care about my hair. I'd abuse the shit out of it. I wouldn't deep condition. I would get bleach blonde highlights and straighten my hair everyday. Pretty much all the worst possible things anyone could do to their hair. 

Now, since I'm a year older and wiser, and with my hair shorter; I had the big chop about a year and a half ago. It was time to change my ways.

The key to healthy hair is not the amount of products you use, but the quality. It's so American to use like 50 products on your hair. It's gross and wasteful. I'm more European with my take on beauty with the "less is more" approach. 

So, what products do I use to style my hair? The least amount possible -
Because A. nobody got time for that and B. hair is supposed to feel natural, not sticky and gooey. 

I am in a partnership with 7 salon here in Seattle, however, I have fallen in love with their products. I use them regularly! (No, this is not a sponsored post)

Boost Lotion: I spray this all over my hair when it's towel dried. It gives it some volume and thickness since my hair is SO thin. I like it for easier styling as well. 

Style Cream: I use the style cream on special occasions where I know I need my hair to hold. It's a medium holding cream that holds a curl for the whole day! Trust me. Also smells so good!!

Seal Lotion: I use this spray on the daily. It helps repair my hair and gives it moisture. Smells AMAZING and doesn't weigh down my hair. Totally love this one. 

Diamond Serum: I use this on my tips after I blow dry my hair for a smooth finish. It secures fly aways and leaves a glossy shine.