Saturday, January 31, 2015

BEAUTY WEEK: beauty diet

Skinny saturday - beauty edition. Beauty always starts on the inside. My list of foods that promote hair growth!

A balanced nutrition plan and vitamins are crucial to sustaining a great head of hair (and anything else really). Taking care of your body will never go out of style. 

A healthy bod = healthy locks. 

Religiously, every morning, I take Fish Oil, Zinc, and Vitamin C. 

Taking fish oil alone, I can tell the difference that it's made for my hair. It's twice as thick as it used to be! 

However, vitamins are not enough to fuel your body. Your diet must contain a healthy dosage of food groups that will help keep your hair thick and long and your face clear. 

Eat salmon. I love seafood so I load up whenever possible. Protein can be found in eggs, lean meat, beans, nuts, and tofu. It helps rebuild cells!

Junk food. It has never ever helped anyone. Cut it out. 

Vitamin C foods are a must. Spinach, peppers, mustard greens, and citrus fruits. 

Dandelion tea. This tea helps detox your system. The less toxins the better. 


6. I love LOVE avocados and sweet potatoes. I could survive off of them. These two foods help with fatty acids and vitamin A to promote hair growth and a healthy scalp :)