Thursday, December 11, 2014

What We Can Learn from T-swift

If you know me, you know I have boycotted T-swift… until I saw the Blank Space video. I AM OBSESSED. So…What did we learn?

#1. Matching crimson lips and nails are chic. 

#2. No man's car is safe around an angry woman.

#3. We all need more gowns to casually walk around in.

#4. Being a cat lady is in. 

#5. It's okay to have a long list of ex's who think you're a nut job if you still look hot and skinny after the break up = Taylor. 

#6. Taylor loves the tall, dark and handsome boys. Who doesn't?!

#7. I need Taylor Swift's arms. #bodygoals 

#8. It's okay to get jealous over texts.. I think.. 

#9. You need a horse.

#10. We're all psycho nightmares in pretty designer dresses. 

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