Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Clear Skin For Finals

Not only do I hate finals because of all the work, but also because they completely mess with my skin! 6 tips for keeping a clear face during exams :) ps subscribe here!

My skin is so sensitive. It had taken me almost a year of visiting my dermatologist until I figured out what works best for my skin. Truth is, pretty much through out all my teenage years I struggled with acne. It was horrible. 

So I pilled on more makeup and in result got more acne and so the cycle went. 

My mantra is less is more. I only use a few products and lotions to keep my skin healthy, soft, and clear. 

1. Sleep. Every one sleeps less during finals. I know that when I don't get my full 7-8 hours, not only does my attitude suffer, but so does my skin. I always try to get some rest, it helps! I can't think straight when I'm super tired. 

2. Exfoliate. Wash in the morning and exfoliate every 2-3 days in the evening to get rid of the extra oil on your skin. I use some scrub my mother has. 

3. Mud mask. I adore mud masks because they make my skin feel like I'm a baby. The mud extracts all of the toxins and extra particles from your pores and leaves it smooth and soft. 

4. De-stress. It's true that stress makes new inflammation likely, so I try to do little things that calm me down like playing with my kitty, enjoying some coffee on the couch, and, of course, online shopping between study sesh's.

5. Moisturizing. Especially in the winter time. Dry skin is also a goldmine for breakouts. I use a face cream during the morning (only). 

6. Eating healthy is key. Your digestive system has plenty to do with your skin. Running around stressed out, I know that I crave the occasional M&M's and brownies but I always try to maintain a "green" diet. Plenty of proteins and veggies to keep my skin looking good :)

Good luck on finals! xx

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