Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tips: Eating Out w/ Your Boyfriend

I know that when it comes to going out to dinner with my boyfriend, it's nearly impossible to eat healthy. p.s. see my instagram here (@societygrl)!

He has the type of metabolism that he can pretty much eat anything he wants without gaining weight. So, when we go out, it's hard to just stick to a salad because of all the temping food in front of me. I've done my fair share of fatty foods, but I think I have found the balance. 

1. Instead of grabbing a full on burger with fries to match your boyfriend, agree with him that you'll snag a few of his fries while you order your healthy meal. You don't need to overdose.

2. Play this or that. You don't need to eat everything on the table. I always like to have a lot of greens and veggies in my meals. I order a salad for myself and share some fries/fatty food with him. 

3. Whenever he orders something, it means you ordered it, too. ;) Just because you don't want to eat a whole burger, doesn't mean you can't take a little bite of his just to taste it! It's a nice little mixture for your palate. 

4. Water. I don't drink anything except water, green tea, and coffee. Replacing water with juices/alcohol/sugary drinks has such a dramatic impact on weight loss. 

5. Split the dessert, if you get any. Half the calories.

P.S. looking through google I just found out that there is such a thing as CAT CAFES. I CAN'T EVEN.