Monday, November 24, 2014

societygrl Confessions

When do we know that it's time for change?

Maybe it's when a new season falls upon us or when we feel an urge to change our hair. But what is real, gut turning, horrifying change? The one we fear that will ruin us. 

I've lived my whole life sheltered, not worried about a single thing. Now, in a month I find myself at a turning point - I'm turning 21, and soon I'll be graduating college and hopefully heading to NYC. Pretty much making decisions that will impact my whole adult life. 

It's just so much happening at once! On top of that, I'm not sure if my relationship will bear all of this in the next few months.

Yeah, change might seem terrifying, and often seen as a bad thing, but maybe it's an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and to become the people we finally wanted to be? To finally feel alive. To let go and to embrace our inner-wierd self? 

Certainly does seem like a splendid thought. 

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