Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Detox

It's a well known fact that after Thanksgiving it's pretty much impossible to "diet". Check out Sloane's and mine Thanksgiving pre-detox to help kick your metabolism into gear. :) ps follow my Instagram for more inspo @societygrl xx

No 1
Get back into a clean diet at least Monday - Wednesday. No gluten, sugar, dairy, or soy. Focus on eating whole foods. If you can, cut out caffeine and decide alcohol (or have none, that's what I do!) But if you have to, try red wine, organic, but no crazy cocktails until Thanksgiving itself, if you're into that sorta thing. 

**Coffee, as always, should be black (like your soul) with a splash of milk/cream or Sloane's personal favorite, Hazelnut coconut milk creamer. No lattes. "They really do kill your waistline." 

No 2
Start the morning with a smoothie or a juice. I love kale juices from Evolution. Everything that is blended your body can digest most easily! 

No 3
No eating after dinner unless you're literally starving. I try to cap it at 630pm -7pm.

No 4 
Do a light exercise workout regimen - 20 min of yoga or cardio at least 3 times a week.

No 5 
Don't go overboard and most of all enjoy feeling healthy! During this time when you feel thin, you can even pick out Thanksgiving outfits with no problem. Check out my outfit inspiration for your house or a party!

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