Thursday, November 13, 2014

Office Outfit Inspo

When anonymous society grl had begun, I worked for a corporate mortgage bank originating loans while attending school. Weird, right? This post is for my best friend, Alena, who asked me to create an office inspo post so she could be well-dressed at her new job :) xo

Note: the products used are to serve as inspiration, rather than actual pieces to purchase. The website just offers great product shots for this type of post :)
This outfit is all about finding a comfortable fabric and fit but still maintaining that structural aspect. It's perfect for sitting all day at the office. 

The real question here is, who doesn't want to be Olivia Pope? Channel your inner go-getter with this Olivia Pope inspired outfit. All white is tres chic. 

This duo was my GO-TO for a quick office outfit. A white button down should be a closet staple for every woman. Plus, I love cute flared skirts. Finish off with a cute shimmery flat and matching earrings. Love!