Sunday, November 2, 2014

Confessions of Netflix-aholic

Confessions of a Netflix addict.

I'm a senior at my university, so procrastination to ANY college student is nothing new. But Netflix takes it to a whole different level. 

I can't seem to get anything done before the last minute (even though I'm totally pulling it off). I hate the fact that I can't sit down for a year hours and just work without it being 10pm at night. I mean, I've read that some only write during the night time and vise versa, but not working a 9-5, I feel as though I should take advantage of my free time. 

I blame Netflix. I blame my own self-pitty. I blame being too comfortable with my life.

Honestly, I signed up for Netlfix in the summer to kill some time. Now, I watch WAY WAY WAY too much Netflix for my own good. I seriously just watched 3 seasons of Once Upon a Time in less than 4 days. That's 3 seasons, around 20 episodes, approximately 45 min long. So pretty much, I have waisted more than 40 hours watching a show for no reason. There was no financial or actual personal gain from this. I could have learned a new language in 40 hours.  

I want to publicly declare that from now on I will take responsibility for my work (school or in my business) and I vow to control my Netflix obsession and to take my work and school priorities before my excessive binge watching. If I cannot, then I will unsubscribe. 

Lord help me.