Monday, October 20, 2014

Success v Love

I attend a university and I actively try to better myself in my business. I plan to have a great career and to own a chic apartment in NYC. But will my career (or obsession with "things") get in the way of my love life?

The one thing I keep falling back on, no matter how far I go away from, is the concept of love vs success. Does success come without love? Do you have to have love to be successful? Do we have to sacrifice one for the other?

It seems to me that women in powerful positions rarely find their soul mates, or if they do, they aren't able to sustain their relationship due to their career goals. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Just an observation. 

I've read about such women and know some personally. Diane von Furstenberg wrote in her book from 1976, DVF'S Book of Beauty, that she divorced the Prince because she needed to find her own identity. Going to parties and fancy things didn't satisfy her. That's when the wrap dress was born! She couldn't be married to the Prince and have her company, too? 

So, I guess some food for thought to chew on - do we, as women, need a man to make us successful? Do we need love to be successful?Do we need success to define our identity? And most importantly can love and success meet in the middle and have a balance in our lives (now and in the future)? 

I'm only 20 years old… What can I even say to that? I guess we shall see….. To be continued?