Saturday, October 4, 2014


I've been on a little hiatus from SGB because well.. 

Do I need a reason? No, not really. 

With classes and autumn beginning I wanted to reflect on how things were going on SGB and in my personal life. I share so much on the internet and sometimes I just need some "me" time. My blog is an extension of me as societygrl but I have noticed a disconnect with my everyday life. 

I am a senior at my university and my wardrobe reflects that greatly. Yes, I love to wear brand names and such but I realize that most don't have the luxury and overall don't attend events such as myself. 

I want to simply societygrl to include the basics of my life, as well as the beauty and health aspects to relate to my readers because you guys ARE my age! I want this blog to be for you to gain tips and overall inspiration for your everyday lives. I want it to be a curation of things I love (and sometimes hate). I don't want it to be so "formal" - this is my passion and I want it to be fun, for you and me. 

I will also give my BEST try at YouTubing again. I have come up with a lot of awesome makeup ideas and videos for you guys so hopefully it goes well. 

Happy October!  Can't wait to catch up! 

photo courtesy of  - Monet