Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not Tacky Halloween Costumes

First of all, don't be that girl with her ass hanging out at the party. Second of all, don't be tacky. P.s. some are DIY costumes! 

Each year October rolls around quicker and quicker and each year I am stumped on what to be for Halloween. To make matters worse, I now have to coordinate my costume with my boyfriend (couples ideas coming tomorrow).

I am unable to dress up in this "facade" because my boyfriend refuses to be him. Crying.

If you haven't seen the Karl Barbie doll, you are a sad, sad human being. You are a disgrace!! Just kidding. But seriously it was so MAJ. So, if Barbie can be Karl, you and I can be, too. 

Step 1: find a white long wig. Tie it in a ponytail
Step 2: Buy a mans white button up shirt
Step 3" Get a black blazer and thick black tie
Step 4: Put on your black skinny jeans and black high heels
Step 5: Wear a necklace or brooch of some sort over the tie (photo ref)
Step 6: Buy fingerless gloves - these are in this season, too!
Step 7: Buy oversized black sunglasses (Forever 21 works)
Step 8: Bring a fake white stuffed white kitty if you must.
Step 9: Be a boss because Karl rules the world 

Black Swan.
Instead of being a lame black "angel" just say you're a black swan. You can wear a black corset/dress, black wings, and you can even throw in a tiara :) + the makeup is optional. 

A Parisian girl. Oi oi!
Dreams do come true, but only on Halloween. This can be as cheap or expensive as you please. I think Anastasia is a perfect example of this, but she's wearing Chanel. Modern day example I would throw on a black and white stripped dress, black heels, red lips, a little scarf tied around your neck, and a cute evening bag. Or wear a name tag "Parisian girl"

Laura Croft - Tomb Raider.
My ultimate favorite. A classic. Besides the fact that she's prob one of the sexiest women alive, I have forever wanted to be her for Halloween … but I have blonde hair and not enough boobs. (Outfit inspo here).