Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New accessory: social light app

Introducing a chic & effortless way to edit your photos built by a girl on the go. Your new fall accessory, social light app is finally here! It's free & on the App Store.

social light is my tech baby, and I couldn't be more happier with it! I have created it with love. In the last 36 hours, social light had reached over 6,000 downloads and was #1 Trending Search on the App Store. I am so blown away!

WHY: Photography is no longer in the hands of people with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. An iPhone is used to create beautiful images, starting with you. Current apps on the market have complex features and an overwhelming options targeted towards photographers and those familiar with professional editing tools.

Generation Y and Z’ers were kept in mind when social light was created. With their fast-paced, on the go lifestyles and unique senses of style, social light offers the simplest and quickest way to add a touch of personality to any moment.

HOW: Social light takes the less is more approach to photo editing. No more digging through dozens of menus and options. Introducing a new way to edit: a simple horizontal swipe adjusts the contrast, and a vertical swipe adjusts the brightness. Double tap when you want to restart - it’s that simple.

The 17 photo filters have been carefully curated to bring the best in each of your favorite moments with chic filter names such as Paris, Serena, and Faux Pas. Social light combines tech and chic.

WHO: Julia Dudko, also known as society grl, is a social media influence & fashion blogger, who understands the importance of making every photo shine. Each filter was created in collaboration for the most trendy and high quality image. A photo is worth more than 140 characters. 

Chloe BootsTheory CoatZara Pants, Jaleh topZara hat
Make up: Dakita Harris