Monday, October 13, 2014

Food for Thought

Eating healthy on campus is one of the most challenging and annoying aspects of college.

 I'm approaching my senior year, since my credits are messed up due to a program we have here that allows high schoolers to attend college and get free college credits. Therefore, I will be graduating a year earlier. I came into my university as a sophomore. So, I know my fair share of college problems.

One of the my biggest annoyances during college is actually finding healthy food to snack on between classes. I tend to stack my classes together where I only have a few minutes between classes. I literally HATE skipping meals.

Before class I ALWAYS makes eggs at home for a healthy breakfast :) It's the most important meal of the day!

What I eat on a normal days at home is sometimes not enough for me to be able to function through a full day of classes. I like to have some energy while in class from 11-8pm. This quarter I have 2 classes 11-3 (Interdisciplinary arts, creative writing + intellectual property law) and the last at 5:45pm (a core class for my major). So, I'm in class until 7:45pm on Monday + Wednesdays. 

When I'm not going to eat off campus with my friends I usually grab healthy alternatives. Eating crappy is so tempting and so much cheaper but so not worth it.  
Reminder: I try to eat every 3 hours. 

1. Salads (always a great meal) 
2. Almonds/nuts to snack on
3. Luna bar (I HATE bars but sometimes I gotta do it)
4. An occasional brownie does the trick :) Makes me cheer up when I'm having a sad day. 
5. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
6. Carrots and other veggies. 
7. Sometimes I bring food from home, like gluten free rice cakes and fruit. 

I stick away from sandwiches, processed foods, fast food chains (Chipotle salads are good though), and other foods that are carb loaded. Although, when I'm having a really terrible day, I'll grab the occasional sandwich to help me function until 8pm. 

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