Friday, October 17, 2014

Childhood Travels Nostalgia

I guess I lived a pretty cool life back in the day, courtesy of my parents. ps. sign up for the mailing list here! xx

Living in the United States, I don't look back on my previous life often. It's part of me but something that's none of me. We all have strong influences from our childhood that stick in our minds like glue, but we dare not share any of them. It's just our personal photo diary of moments, or mere instance that we picked up on. 

My father worked internationally in Europe and was often gone for weeks at a time. I spent most of my childhood with my mom. But we did travel often. But where did we go?

I WISH I could remember these trips. Sadly, Instagram wasn't around. I would have some awesome "authentic"shots for @societygrl

I have mere glimpses of these places. I definitely want to visit again. If you have Euro parents and are a girl, I'm sure you know that our parents don't let us travel alone or with a boyfriend. Price to pay, I guess. So, I'm left to wanderlust alone. 


Apparently, we vacationed in Bulgaria every summer, renting a chic beach home. And sometimes visited the Black Sea from South Ukraine, a place named Yalta. I can remember the beaches like it was yesterday. 

My dad did a fair share of his business in Poland so I visited often! I even went to Germany a few times, too. I remember the border patrol. Mother says I was almost born there. 

I was taken to Turkey a few times. I just WISH I could remember the culture. 

Russia was a big statement in my childhood, we would take the train to Moscow to visit relatives. 

My dad never took me to the big fashion capitals. So, this is an area that will be my personal journey :) 

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