Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blake Preggo:What about Serena?

Most of us use Gossip Girl as an escape from our petty lives, living vicariously through Serena VDW and Blair Waldorf.

The show has ended, but we have forever immortalized Serena and Blair, Blake and Leighton, they are the same aren't they?

It's been, what? A year + since the ending of the show? A devastating thing I still have to accept, as I mourn every Monday.

Blake Lively's pregnancy and her new website (which I'm not really obsessing over) is shattering this golden girl, Serena VDW image that Blake made so appealing. Perhaps, that's what she wants?

To me, she's only appealing because she IS Serena. I want her to be Serena. We NEED her to be Serena. We want to know that Serena is somewhere living life on the Upper East Side because we all want to be Serena (or Blair). 

With her preggo announcement, it's just impossible to keep time at a still, or have a GG reunion. Soon, she's going to be hottest mommy around with the world's cutest baby. But it's okay. We all grow and evolve, and I'm sure Blake is more than a blonde bombshell.

Two notes to the couple: 
1. Please don't name her something like North or Blue Ivy. 
2. Make a gg reunion with Dan and the baby!