Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Reboot

As you know, fall is the January of fashion. It resets, reboots, changes what the next year of trends and styles will hold. Of course, the major fashion forecast is on the catwalk in New York and Milan, but I think the most important fashion reboot happens in your closet. 

I must confess, fall and winter are my least favorite seasons.. Only because I am terrified of layering and hate being cold. I would rather be warm than stylish. This has always been my outlook and I've always dreaded the start of the cold seasons. 

This season something has shifted in the atmosphere and I am so excited for fall. I have been planning my fall wardrobe strategically for the past few months and taking notes on what I tend to feel comfortable and warm in. I've noticed that in the summer I am drawn towards feminine pieces but in the fall I am drawn to menswear and tomboyish looks. 

This fall I've narrowed down my wardrobe top pieces, styles and no-no's for everyday wear. I am a college student so I can't be dressing like a 30 year old editor-in-chief. Or at least, not yet.

My personal checklist:
1. Denim + sweaters + statement jackets = uniform
2. Stay away from dresses and skirts (unless otherwise planned for events).
3. Booties only. I am promising myself I won't slip into Uggs at the last minute. 
4. Dark denim and overall black for my wardrobe. I like matching with white and grey, too. Monochrome is hot!
5. Scarves, scarves, scarves. They make any outfit look better and different!
6. Stock up on jackets, coats, trench coats, etc. 
7. Beanies and big hats are a must.
8. Tennis shoes and sneakers will also be my fall favorite. 
9. No uncomfortable pieces of clothing. 
10. Leggings are not pants. I'm going to commit to a few extra minutes and not look like a  bum when I walk out of the house. 
11. Most importantly, no outfit is chic without self-love. Loving yourself is the key to rocking your outfit. If you are not in the mood, nothing will look good. 

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