Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Closet: Organize Summer to Fall

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When I was younger, my mother would always switch out her wardrobe when the seasons would pass. Replacing the sweaters with light tanks top and so on. I stopped practicing this myself since I liked having a "full" closet and seeing all of my clothing at one time. 

Now I see that I was was terribly wrong. This became a problem.

If having nothing to wear each morning is a common trend in your life, you know how I feel every morning. I have so many different "genres" of clothing that don't necessarily match together. A floral tee with patterned jeans and wool coats doesn't really go well. I decided to clear my closet out this season. Leaving only the essentials that I plan to wear for the next 6 months. 

From my Closet Reboot post, I made a checklist of items/styles that I was leaning towards this a/w. Keeping this in mind + the color trend I chose for myself, I embarked on clearing out my closet. 

A huge box of clothes later, a pile of laundry, dry cleaning, and donations, I have come to find my closet transformed into (for once) a peaceful environment. As you can tell, I am not too picky on color coding and laying out everything perfectly. It's a bit messy, like my life. 

P.S. I am planning to re-design and completely organize my closet, so stay tuned!!
1. My jeans are mostly all blue/dark denim, perfect fit, skinny, and have no patterns or light colors (besides two that I want to try to incorporate). 
2. All shirts/jackets that had summer colors, light fabric, and overall dated were thrown into storage. I hate being cold and I just know that I won't be wearing such patterns/styles with the rest of my clothing. 
3. I placed much of my athletic clothing into storage except the good Lululemon yogas and few tops that I wear to the gym (on the occasions that I go). This cleared up a few shelves alone. 

4. I placed most shorts, maxis, and silk skirts into storage. They are a headache to look at during the cold. 
5. I place my heavier jackets to the front and vise-versa. 
6. Donated many old shoes that I would not wear this year. 
7. The extra space gave me the room to display my beautiful scarves for everyday wear.I always forget about them.
8. A clothing rack is now standing outside my closet with a few essentials that I wear on a daily basis (planning to grow in a few days). This is also to aid me in keeping my closet more organized without piling clothes on top of each other when I get too lazy. 

9. My designer dresses are now separated into a section where I can see them (for parties) but the other dresses and "cheaper" quality dresses are stored in the corners of my closet. 
10. I have a shelf dedicated to my lazy clothing at home. Sweatshirts, pjs, and random warm clothes I wear that I don't' to ruin. 

This has also helped me decide on what I NEED to buy, rather than what I want. I know what I am missing because I am craving to wear it, ie, a camel coat. More on this in another post :)

First photo courtesy of the from Miranda Kerr