Wednesday, September 10, 2014

365 Style + Meeting Nicky Hilton

So…...what is my life anymore??!! 0.o

If you've been following me for longer than a year, you know that one of my first gifts through my Twitter was the novel,  The Liar, The Bitch, and The Wardrobe, written by Allie Kingsley. Someone had suggested her book to me via Twitter (@societygrl)and long story short we have become good friends and women who love to support each other in our business endeavors. After my first book review, I have been a fan! 

SO, when she wrote a book with Nicky Hilton - 365 Style - I had to get my hands on it! Luckily, Nicky, Allie and Paris had a book signing on the Upper Eastside while I was there for Fashion Week. It was a cute Q&A with Paris interviewing Nicky and a photo opp. I got to meet Nicky in person and got my custom signed book from her. :) 

My favorite question:
Paris: What is something you've kept since your 20's?
Nicky: Actually.. A lot. I have comfy ballet flats that I still use till this day.

P.S. I may or may not be wearing one of these DVF dresses for the event on Friday in Seattle ;) Can't believe fashion week is already over!! Time to pack and go home to my kitty!! 

Elizabeth and James Dress
Pedro Garcia Sandals 
Chanel Handbag 

You can grab it at Amazon here!