Thursday, September 18, 2014

12 Things We Have in Common with Anna Wintour

The First Lady of fashion may be cold-hearted, but in her newest interview where she answers 73 questions in just a few minutes, leaves us

loving Anna more than actually hating her. The most powerful woman in fashion proves that she's just as simple as us but knowledgable in more than just fashion. See #11. 

11 things we all have in common with Anna Witour. 
1. She has Starbucks for breakfast. 
2. She loves color in her wardrobe. 
3. She can't remember the items she's had in her closet "forever".. #girlproblems.
4. She loves downtown NYC rather than uptown.
5. She loves the Met. All hail Blair.
6. She can't sing.
7. She loves Hugh Jackman and hates spiders. Ins't that pretty much everything?
8. She loves avocados. You go avocados!!
9. She'll never wear head-to-toe black. 
10. She wears glasses to hide from "you".. Admit, it,we've all done it. 
11. She loves tennis. LOVE. Zero. 
12. Coffee and sparkling water are her favorite.