Tuesday, September 9, 2014

11 NYC Fashion Week Pet Peeves

It's not all fun and designer shoes. 

1. Street style is all about how ugly ones outfit can be. The uglier = the better. Beautiful dress/gowns are left forgotten because they are "classic". Grunge sells.

2. You can't have a moment alone at Lincoln Center. I'm just trying to text my mom!! Photographers  are everywhere. 

3. Someone with a Standing ticket will get a better seat than you because seats get moved up when the show is about to start.

4. People will wear anything to get snapped by photographers. Style and fashion are two different things. 

5. Waiting for shows to start 30 minutes later while wearing uncomfortable heels :'( OR missing shows because a show started very late.

6. Comparing yourself to others is the death of originality. I see so many stars and famous people and it's hard not to question yourself. 

7. You're nobody but you're seat # (but we all love it).

8. Spring/Summer is shown at the end of summer and Autumn/Winter during the spring.

9. Having 500 business cards from random people by the time you leave. Who are all these people? 0.o 

10. Everyone using the Empire Hotel internet makes the internet connection unbearable. 30 min to upload 5 photos!! THE HORROR.

11. Not knowing who the "famous" people are sitting Front Row? AWK.

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