Friday, August 8, 2014

Travel Essentials in 1 Bag

With all my preparation and eagerness to travel to London Fashion Week next month, I forgot the most important thing.  

My passport. Apparently, as I only became aware of yesterday, my passport is expired. If you’ve done any internationally traveling you know that a passport is REQUIRED or you will be denied boarding. My level of "pissed off" is at an all time high. So, with less than 30 days to spare and having a European passport, I’m on my way to San Francisco to figure out this whole situation. HOWEVER, at least I have the luxury of flying first class courtesy of my boyfriend, who is passed out next to me on this flight. I, of course, am wired because I only had 5 cups of coffee since 4am. 

I am seriously praying to God that my passport will come in on time or else all my work for the past year has been for nothing!!! So, without further a do, here are my last minute crisis travel essentials.

First of all, I use my Louis Vuitton Neverful for all my travel needs. It's sturdy and holds my whole life. Totally worth the price. 

1. A good book: Nothing like good book to get away from reality.

2. 2 outfit changes: Never know where you'll be or who you'll run into. Plus, outfit pictures!!

3. Small makeup pouch: Beauty never sleeps. 

4. Flats: I always grab an extra pair of flats that I know will be able to get me through hours of walking.

5. Camera: Outfit pictures, duh!

6. A hairbrush: See #3

7. Headphones: Music gets me through everything in life. Especially tough situations. I also hate flying without music, it's torture. 

8. Chocolate: Nothing like comfort food to get you through the day.