Saturday, August 23, 2014

SG 10 Day Body Boost

After my extreme dieting last year, I no longer can stick to serious diets. I think life is much more enjoyable when I can eat some yummy food with my good friends. Subscribe here!
However, there comes a time and place when I need to get my booty back into shape, like for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. 

Disclaimer: All of the mentioned is my personal opinion and/or experience. I am not a doctor so please take my advice at your own risk. 
Also, refer to my Day After binge cure and Why Me before and after post for more info about my journey!

This is not a "diet" or "fast" that makes you lose 20lbs in 10 days. This is something I personally like to do to lose extra water weight, to firm up my body a bit and most importantly, to feel good about myself when I am wearing clothes. Again, this is not an easy fix diet. My body may react differently than yours. I have also put in the time and work the past couple years to be where I am today. Losing 40lbs has given me the ability to maintain my weight. 

Cut out sugar. 
And by sugar I mean sugary drinks, sweets, sauces, dressing, creamer, and anything else that has sugar. Green kombucha is my exception. From my previous experience, my nutritionist suggested to cut down on fruit. So, I personally stick away from high calorie fruits such as apples and oranges when I'm watching my food intake.
**Yes, I know that fruit is good for you but please refer to the disclaimer.** 

I like to keep my meals simple with chicken, fish, and eggs as protein in different orders. All veggies are welcome! I am not vegan and/or vegetarian. Spices are my best friend. Water, coffee, tea, and kombucha are all I drink. I am not the type to cook extravagant meals. I understand the food may get boring after a while so if you like to cook healthy alternatives, that's up to you! 

4 times the charm.
If you don't eat, you won't lose weight the right way. I never EVER skip breakfast. I also eat around 12PM, snack around 330 and have dinner at 6-7pm. I eat as much as a teenage boy.

Processed Foods.
Obviously. My rule is if I don't know where it's made I don't eat it. I stick to cooking meals at home from organic and fresh ingredients. My typical meal looks about 30% protein/70 % veggies/greens. You can literally eat as much as you want of this. 

Anyone who has seen Mean Girls knows that butter is a carb. When I go on a "body boost" I typically steer away from rice, potatoes, pasta, beans, nuts, and other. The only exception is brown rice (in moderation). PLEASE DO NOT EAT SNACK BARS, they are the devil in disguise. 

This or That.
When trying to eat healthy I always like to treat myself. Instead of splurging on a sugary drink I choose to drink water but then treat myself with some ice cream. I think that eating things you truly want makes you appreciate the food more. I always treat myself when I go out with my boyfriend which makes me treasure our time even more. 

I am not a gym fiend like I used to be but I do like to get a nice sweat going. Getting ready for FW I am going to do a little bit more intense cardio to give my body the shock it needs. Swimming laps, running and 30+ min of elliptical/stairs is what I personally prefer. I also do light weights for arms and SOMETIMES squats. 

Everything I have mentioned thus far is nothing new. You can Google it or ask any person who has lost weight before. 10 days will not give you major results. 

Dairy is something I don't care much about. If you like to put milk into your coffee or have some cheese with your salad, whatever, go for it.

Finally, mind over matter. There are days when I feel absolutely fat and others when I feel thin when I am still the same weight. It depends on what your mindset is. I think that when I eat healthy and exercise I overall feel better about my body, and in return present myself in a different manner. So, in the end I might not even lose much weight but I know that I will feel healthier and lighter than usual :)

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