Friday, August 15, 2014

Prevent Shoe-acide

Reality hits like Miley on a wrecking ball after the high of buying a new, perfect pair of designer heels. The magic wears off, and the dreadful feeling of actually wearing the heels sets in; which in most cases is despair and lots of band-aids. Subscribe here:)

It's truthfully a girl problem, (we can write volumes), but it's something that is inescapable, unless of course you don't wear heels. Then my friend, I feel sorry for you. Sorry, that you don't feel the confidence and sexiness that a pair of heels give you the instant you put them on. A pair of hot heels does more than flatter your feet - they change the way a dress hangs, the way you present yourself, and as others see you.

Heels are a fashion statement and photograph much better than flats. So, wearing heels in NYC during Fashion Week was a sacrifice a grl had to make. The secret? There is no secret. Not really, pain is pain and beauty has a lot of it. Sometimes, you have to mentally prepare yourself for those few hours for the sake of $800 shoes. They are SO worth it. 
Luckily, I decided to share some of MY personal suggestions on how to wear heels and how to make the pain, well, less "painful".

Here are my favorite picks for heels!

Tip #1 Learning how to walk in heels so you don't look like a baby lamb is the FIRST AND MOST CRUCIAL aspect of this whole thing. It takes time to get used to a certain sole and wearing them around the house helps (or in my case going to Vegas for the first time and having to wear heels for 4 days consecutively, during day & night, day clubs & night clubs.). That is where you learn how to walk in heels even if you don't want to. Granted, my toes were numb for a good week but now I will never complain about my feet hurting after those few shoe-acide days.

Tip #2 I stick to certain brands that I know have a sole that my foot is used to. For example, Steve Madden and Enzo Angiolini have soles I can throw on and last all night in. My mother also had always taught me that huge European fashion houses usually make great footwear. From my experience, I love DIOR shoes. 

Beware: Everyone is drawn to the infamous red bottoms, but the word is that Christian Louboutin purposely makes his shoes painful to walk in. Why? Beauty is pain. I can only last about 3-4 hours in my Loub's.

Tip #3 Prior to wearing them out for the first night and being afraid of blisters and unwanted rubbing, sometimes I wear shoes with thick socks around the house to stretch them out. It looks ridiculous but is very effective!